Apple's mixed reality headset reviewed

The Wall Street Journal's Joanna Stern reviews the Vision Pro, Apple's $3500 mixed reality headset. It is by far the best one going, she writes, though the price is high.

Every time I work with multiple windows around me, I feel like Tom Cruise in "Minority Report," ready to fight future crime—one school email at a time.

There is a built-in virtual keyboard so you can type in thin air. But it will drive you mad for anything longer than a short message. And selecting smaller buttons with a pinch should be a carnival game. I started getting real work done once I paired the Vision Pro with a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse.

I leveled up again by connecting my MacBook Pro, which let me write this review on a giant virtual monitor hovering over my desk.

VR has always left me cold—the arcade games that used it gave me such bad headaches I still nope out at the sight of a headset. But I want one of these and don't think $3,500 is a high price for high-end kit. It's like buying a big OLED TV (a few years ago) or a hot tub or the upgraded trim in a car. All things people buy without a second thought, whether they can really afford it or not.

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