NH primary results show Trump has lost a large swath of the GOP

Regardless of the narrative that Donald Trump is dominating the Republican primary, the NH suggests he's lost a lot of Republican voters, and they won't go back.

Perhaps US citizens do not want to live in a dictatorship after all! Analysis of Nikki Haley's voters in the recent New Hampshire primary shows that Trump has lost, not won, support inside his party. While he may command the single largest block of voters INSIDE his party, he has alienated many Republicans. Remember, Trump lost to Biden by 7 million votes. His talk about poisoned bloodlines and dictatorship isn't helping close the gap.

Here's the profile of Nikki Haley's New Hampshire supporters, according to CNN exit polls:

64% are undeclared or independent.

24% are registered Republicans.

76% think Biden legitimately won in 2020.

56% are college graduates.

94% would not be satisfied with a Trump nomination.

That final statistic is extremely damaging to Trump's general election chances. It means nearly all of Haley's 43% share of the New Hampshire electorate consists of potential Biden voters.

Last week's Marist poll of New Hampshire voters showing Biden besting Trump in a head-to-head matchup by 52% to 45% was also a tell. Biden's approval rating in the survey was a dismal 38% but it proved to be untethered from his standing in a rematch against Trump.

Crooks and Liars

Trump should get torn apart in the primary. As an incumbent, his performance is terrible. Biden got a massive number of people to show up and write him in, Trump has a giant portion of his "base" saying never. Remember, Donald is the guy proud of stripping American women of their rights and warning us he'll be a dictator. How the MAGAs can justify supporting Trump while loving "America" is always beyond me — until you realize they want the Confederate States of America.