See the world through the POV of a Chihuahua

After a long day of work, I stumbled upon the TikTok account of an adorable Chihuahua mix named June Bug, and I quickly was able to leave my work day behind.'

In many of the videos, June Bug, who her human describes as the "Queen of POV" and a "Circus Dog in Training," wears a GoPro camera, so we get to see what life looks like from the perspective of very short doggo. In one of the funniest clips, the caption sums up what the POV often consists of: "It really is just a bunch of butt sniffing."

Well that was true of some of the videos, but in others, we get to see what the streets and skyline of New York City looks like from a Chihuahua's perspective, which is pretty cool. And in another, we get to see June Bug's perspective on running after a stick—and I gotta say, it looks extremely fun. I hope you enjoy the videos as much as I did!

To see more of June Bug's adventures, from her point of view, follow her on TikTok or Instagram.


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♬ Funny video "Carmen Prelude" Arranging weakness(836530) – yo suzuki(akisai)

Who loves the brooklyn heights promenade? The views are unreal! We also were gifted a red jacket from a buy nothing facebook group and it looks so good on her #dogpov #dogpovs #goprodog #junebugsworld #doggos #adoptdontshop #rescuechihuahua #chihuahuasoftiktok

♬ original sound – June Bug's World

Wait for it…the clip that started it all! 14.5 million views so far ddogpovddogpovsggoprodogjjunebugsworldddoggosaadoptdontshoprrescuechihuahuachihuahuasoftiktok

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