Noted neologist Marjorie Taylor Greene ready to deport her colleague

Famed neologist and and master of linguistics Marjorie Taylor Greene has turned her eye toward the Somali language.

After minting such concepts as "gazpacho police" and the "peach tree dish," Georgia's spork tongued Congressperson has honed in like a "Jewish Space Laser" on a mistranslation of Representative Ilhan Omar's remarks at a celebration of an election in the Puntland region of Somalia. Congressperson Omar said nothing to merit the ire of her Republican colleagues, but rather they have run with some technical "Tan suit" bullshit. Greene, however, wishes she could deport Omar.

Omar was speaking at the Minneapolis Hyatt Hotel Saturday at a celebration of the recent election in Puntland, a region of Somalia. She spoke about the dispute between Somalia and the breakaway republic Somaliland, which is not recognized by the international community but recently made a sea access deal with landlocked Ethiopia.

Omar told the audience that Somalia would remain united, and that she would use her influence to keep it that way.

Social media posts have asserted Omar said they are "people who know they are Somalians first, Muslims second."

This led to a wave of attacks about Omar's failing to state her allegiance to the United States.