Hideo Kojima is making a followup to Metal Gear Solid

It's a good year for spiritual successors, evidently. First, BioShock had one announced, and now Hideo Kojima is returning to the world of action espionage with a brand-new game. Kojima's truly legendary Metal Gear Solid series is still being kept under lock and key at former employer Konami, however, meaning that PHYSINT will be more a de facto sequel than a de jure one. Much like Death Stranding, it'll be a completely new IP, so expect plenty of Kojima's trademark… Kojima-ness.

Knowing him, there'll probably be more than a few Metal Gear Solid callbacks anyway. Regardless, PHSYINT won't begin full-scale development until Death Stranding 2 releases in 2025, so we'll have a while to wait yet.

The good news is that Kojima is billing it as the culmination of all of his games experience, which means it'll likely be as brilliant as it is deeply weird.