Tesla board members pressured into drug use with CEO who claims he does not partake

There are reports that Tesla board members felt pressured into taking drugs with Elon "Pedo Guy" Musk, who claims he does not like or take drugs.

Shockingly, members of Tesla's board of directors report feeling pressured to take drugs and probably even behave like they enjoy hanging around Elon Musk. It seems a price comes with the enrichment. I can not imagine taking acid and having to kiss a megalomanic antisemite's ass at the same time.

The Journal report also indicated that some current and former board members at Tesla TSLA, -6.36% and SpaceX have direct knowledge of Musk's drug use but have not moved to address it.

According to the Journal, the volume of Musk's and some board members' drug use — which reportedly has included cocaine, ecstasy, LSD, mushrooms and prescription ketamine — has become particularly concerning.

Some of Musk's friends and company directors perceive an expectation to use drugs at parties he attends, the Journal said, feeling pressure not to refuse, since he's made them so much money and out of a desire to remain in his good graces.