Creepy Marjorie Taylor Greene called out: "What are you doing in the men's bathroom?"

Georgia Congressperson Marjorie Taylor Greene's current schtick seems to insinuate gross and unfounded rumors about her colleagues openly. Congressperson Jim McGovern served her up another epic putdown:

Pointing out that Marjorie is a creepy weirdo and a Klan mom is pretty much on target, and uncontroversial. It seems Greene has become an odious creature that kind of stalks the periphery of Congress.

"The clowns are running the circus," said McGovern. "We're wasting time on Marjorie Taylor Greene because she wants to impeach someone. Don't get me started on her absurd censure resolution of Congresswoman Omar that she introduced because she doesn't know how to use Google Translate."

"Wow, this is coming from the same guy who is well known to lay his suit jacket on the actual bathroom floor while spending a lot of time in the stall of the first floor bathroom of the Capitol," Greene posted in reply. "Eww. That's probably when he comes up with all this [poop emoji]."

McGovern, however, shot back with a ready retort.

"No idea what you're talking about," he wrote. "What are you doing in the men's bathroom aren't you late for a klan meeting?"