Dramatic rescue of a man who entered raging LA wash to save his dog (video)

A dog fell into the surging Pacoima wash section of the LA storm run-off system, prompting its owner to jump in and require an even more dramatic rescue by emergency services. The dog rescued itself.

A huge reminder to people is that if your dog is swept out to sea or falls in a raging river, it is more likely to save itself than to need your assistance. There are countless stories of drowned owners and dogs that swam out of danger. That said, I would have a very, very hard time not diving right in. My dogs are my family.

A dramatic rescue was captured on video after a man got stuck in the Pacoima Wash Monday while trying to save his dog.

According to the Los Angeles Fire Department, crews responded to several bridges and access points and found the dog, who managed to swim safely to the edge. The dog owner, however, couldn't get out.

LAFD Air Ops lowered a rescuer into the water, who was able to grab the man.

Fortunately, the dog managed to swim to safety, but the man couldn't get out.

He was hoisted into the aircraft and rushed to a local hospital. His dog was taken to a local shelter for temporary care for minor injuries. It's unclear if the dog owner suffered any injuries.