Facebook Oversight Board OKs deepfake political videos like the one of Biden groping own grand-daughter

After years of growing alarm about convincing deepfakes, an election year is upon us and Meta/Facebook is set to embrace it: the company's "oversight board" says it neet not remove a fake video of President Joe Biden groping his own grand-daughter, signaling a policy of acceptance and "labeling". From the BBC:

The Oversight Board said Meta was right not to remove a fake video of US President Joe Biden because it did not violate its manipulated media policy. But it said the policy was "incoherent" and should be widened beyond its scope ahead of a busy election year. A Meta spokesperson told the BBC it was "reviewing" the guidance.

It's coming in the form of political ads this year, an unbelievable tsunami of money, and there's nothing legal anyone can do about it. Perhaps the PR backlash will be so partisan they can cast it as such and ignore it.