Gentleman busted for handing out free cocaine samples that included his business card

Seyyed Amir Razavi, 30, came up with a unique method for marketing his services as either (both?) a cocaine dealer or a chauffeur in Calgary, Canada. He reportedly posted up outside a casino and handed out his business card with small baggies of blow stapled to them. The card read "Alex Lee, driver" and included contact details.

While the name on the card was an alias, the other information enabled police to track him down and conduct surveillance for an entire month. After finally arresting Razavi, the cops found 59.6 grams of cocaine in 50 baggies, a scale, and more than $1,200 in cash.

CTV News reports that Razavi "is charged with two counts of trafficking a controlled substance, one count of possession for the purpose of trafficking and three counts of possession of proceeds of crime under $5,000."