Congressional insurrectionists caucus seeks to clear Trump

A clown car of Republican insurrectionists, led by Matt Gaetz and bolstered by Marjorie Taylor Greene, Lauren Boebert, and Elise Stefanik, held a press conference. It was a doozy.

A plan by Republican insurrectionists in Congress, folks like Elise Stefanik, who refers to convicted insurrectionists as "hostages," is to generate a declaration of Congress that their orange and befuddled leader is no insurrectionist. Marjorie Taylor Greene acknowledges the public feels many if not all, these Congresspeople were complicit in the attack on Democracy. Gaetz thinks the declaration will allow Trump to claim there were no victims and the attack was not an insurrection. Previously, Congress impeached President Trump for insurrection.

Greene launches some seriously weird attack on the Biden inauguration as an insurrection. This crew should go down in history as a raft of traitors, looking to absolve the Orange Menace and hoping to place themselves in his next administration. It seems we're either going to see a broken and broke Trump lose his real estate empire and heavily leveraged fortune, or the United States becomes a fascist dictatorship with these morons at the wheel. I far prefer to see Trump liquidate his dinner club.

via MTN