You can now get on Bluesky without an invite code

Alternatives to X, Twitter or Elon Musk's Personal Nazi-Filled Hellhole—whatever it's called now—have come and gone, the most publicized among them Mark Zuckerberg's Threads. Xiles who don't want to trade one billionaire for another swear by Bluesky. It's essentially X without the algorithm and with actual content moderation, naturally attracting artists and other creatives in droves- but until now, it's been in a closed beta, with account creation only open to those possessing limited invite codes. No longer.

In an announcement ironically posted on X, Bluesky declared that enrollment is now open to anyone, code or not. As the new kid on the block, it remains to be seen whether it'll go the way of Twitter, but at least for the time being it seems promising.

At the very least, you won't get people like "Aryanwarrior88" in your mentions anymore.