CNN panel breaks into laughter over Trump's meandering self-praise

Out-on-bail, adjudicated rapist, Republican frontrunner for President Donald J. Trump didn't want to talk about today's Supreme Court Hearing and instead launched into a meandering speech that caused a CNN panel to erupt in laughter.

Trump was cut off as his latest "press conference" went off the rails. Network news outlets have a hard time giving him the air he wants, because all the 91-times-indicted insurrectionist has to say, when he gets the names right, is woe is me. Today, Trump blamed his insurrection on Nancy Pelosi after briefly acknowledging the Supreme Court had done a thing.

"I think we've gotten all the legal analysis we're going to get out of President Trump," Tapper said, prompting laughter from the panel.

"He wants to talk about himself," panelist George Conway noted. "He doesn't want to talk about the Supreme Court and say, 'Oh, the Supreme Court did a nice job today.' He just wants to talk about what's on his mind and himself."

Correspondent Jamie Gangel suggested Trump had not listened to the Supreme Court's oral arguments.

"So, could I just say someone didn't tell him that this sounded like good news for him today?" Gangel observed. "I mean, it wasn't just the rambling sort of campaign speech, but if he had simply listened to the analysis afterwards, he would know that it sounds like he's in good shape."