Tim Robinson's "I Think You Should Leave" is going on tour

Saturday Night Live alum Tim Robinson's I Think You Should Leave has been a runaway hit for Netflix, with three seasons of quirky, intentionally-awkward sketch comedy appealing to a very specific sense of humor and spawning legions of reaction GIFs. It seems ITYSL is making the leap from screen to stage, however. This spring, Robinson and Zach Kanin – the co-creators of the show – are touring I Think You Should Leave Live, having scheduled ten dates in major cities across the country.

A Netflix post about the event promises brand-new material, special guests and more- so if you've ever wanted to go to Club Haunted House or institute a rule about who can have all the nachos, this is sure to be a night to remember.


No word yet on whether you get money if you make him talk, though. Go crazy in there!