Mittens is the most relaxed cat I've seen

I don't think I have ever in my life seen a more relaxed cat than Mittens, who was posted yesterday by Michelle Riley in a public Facebook group I'm in called "Aldi Hall of Shame Community." The video shows how much her cat seems to enjoy the fake sheepskin rug she bought for him at Aldi. The black-and-white furry cutie, who is stretched out as much as possible with his arms way above his head, is completely zonked out on his new rug, and is so cozy in front of the fire. He moves his little paws like he's making biscuits and his tail flicks softly back and forth. When Michelle walks up to him and says hello, he looks startled, raises his head momentarily, and then quickly goes back to relaxation land.

Mittens, congratulations, you've set the new bar for chill.

Folks in the Aldi Hall of Shame Community will never cease to surprise me. I'm just hoping that Mittens will inspire others to start posting more of their adorable animals!