Kevin Bacon sings, fails to win over his alpaca, Sharona, with ukulele rendition of The Knack's "My Sharona"

Everyone know that Kevin Bacon sings to his goats, but did you know he also sings to his alpacas? He recently posted a sweet video where he tries to win over one of his particularly grumpy alpacas named Sharona. In the video, he first introduces some of his alpacas:

"Yeah, you know alpacas, they're a moody bunch. This dark one here, Electra, friendly. The one standing in the back there, Kate. Pretty friendly. But that one staring at me right there? Sharona? She has never given me the time of day, have you Sharona?"

Next, he begins plucking the beginning notes of new wave band The Knack's 1979 hit, "My Sharona," on his ukulele. He then sings the song to the indifferent beast. He switches up some of the words to be hilariously alpaca-appropriate:

Oh my little pretty one, my pretty one, when you gonna give me some time, Sharona?

Oh you make my motor run, my motor run, gun it coming off of the line, Sharona

Ooh you're such a pretty, pretty girl with your pretty locks, you would make a pretty sweater or a pair of socks!

My my my my my whoo! My Sharona! My Sharona! My Sharona!

As he starts the chorus, Sharona definitely seems curious, but in the end, she leans away when he reaches out to pet her. It was a noble attempt, but I'm so sorry, Kevin Bacon, it looks like you're gonna have to keep trying to win her over!


If that doesn't get Sharona's attention, I don't know what will.

♬ original sound – Kevin Bacon