Trump is babbling about the hole he dug himself into

Muttering into his social media mouthpiece, adjudicated rapist Donald Trump is pissed off that he is being held accountable.

Twice, Trump took to his personal social media network to rage about the New York criminal election fraud case he is currently subject to. Trump wouldn't have committed election fraud had he not been running for office; he wouldn't have misused election funds or committed accounting fraud to cover it up. Rather than covering up hush money payments to porn stars for sex, Trump could just be spending the money on sex with porn stars, and no one would care.

Now, Trump's only hope to escape all the financial and criminal liability is to run again and hopefully install himself as dictator. It is entertaining that he claims there was no crime, as Michael Cohen spent some time in prison for committing the crime with him.

The sparse use of caps and actual use of punctuation implies that perhaps someone else has the social media keys today.