This clever ode to chinchillas is my new favorite thing

I can't stop listening to this awesome ode to chinchillas. Check out the lyrics:

I know why folks glimpse and say "Oh, you a giant mouse"!

But I'm Chinchillidae family, baby, I'm a different species, baby. 

I'm chinchilla baby, I'm so cute, Fluffy coat, feel it, baby.

Sprout eighty hairs from just one follicle, baby.

I'm a sub as a boy, Wife's bigger, baby.

And the thing about this rodent– I know my bros is endangered, Out there in the wild

Frolickin' up top, In the Andes, baby, , baby!

I grow my coat in so dense it smothers ticks and louse.

Plus I can leap up to six feet, baby. Live for up twenty, baby.

This song is so catchy, and chock full of fun facts about chinchillas, what's not to love? It also somehow manages to rhyme "In the Andes" with "Livin' crepuscularly"—and, shockingly, it actually works! Finally, there's just something so funny about a tiny man singing in front of a giant chinchilla who is just sitting back there breathing and munching on snacks.

This brilliant performance was created by Perth, Australia-based comedian and musician Matt Storer. Here's his bio from Grand Stand Agency:

Matt uses his unique imagination to create refreshingly original comedy, both on his feet and behind a piano. Since taking out both the Western Australia RAW Comedy and Funny Faces competition in 2014, Matt Storer has established himself as one of the state's finest comics. His inventive mix of stand-up and musical comedy has earned applause across Australia and the UK.

Matt uses his unique imagination to create refreshingly original comedy, both on his feet and behind a piano. A regular in all of Perth's comedy rooms, he has impressed audiences across the city with his energetic flare, lyrical skill and larger-than-life stage presence.

If you want to see more of Matt's work, check out his TikTok. And if you're lucky enough to attend Adelaide Fringe, you can catch his show "Hot Nonsense" live from March 12-17:

Viral sensation, maestro of musical mayhem and lord of lyrical miracles, Matt Storer presents an award-winning musical comedy concert. Audience members blindly choose each song from a range of categories: some improvised, some interactive, most ridiculous, all unforgettable.

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