Weirdly wonderful: the love postcards that time forgot

These old fashioned lovers' postcards are as weird as they are wonderful. They were created by Bernhardt Wall in the early 20th century and feature various fruits and vegetables with human-like faces on them.

They all come with cute and corny sayings that will surely win your crush's heart over, such as "you're the apple of my eye." I hope I am the lucky recipient of a card like this one day.

From Got Weird on Instagram:

"In an old (50 years ago) issue of Postcard Collector the author of an article about Bernhardt Wall called him the "King of Postcards." If the estimate that he did the artwork for more than five thousand postcards is true, it is a well-deserved title. Most collectors of artist-signed postcards know his name, but it may be fair to say that many collectors have no idea of the range of topics Wall illustrated.

One of the most adorable of his efforts is the circa 1910, 14-card set known as Wall's Animated Fruits and Vegetables. The title on each card is based on a common popular expression, i.e., You're the Apple of My Eye, that contains the name, or a homonym, (carrot or karat) of a fruit or vegetable within it. Most are cute, but some are far-fetched, since, to the best of this writer's knowledge, it is not possible to "cabbage" someone or something. And, furthermore if you know how to "melon," we would like to join you."

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