Gus Calhoun is a rat terrier with an absolutely perfect toothy grin

I saw this adorable kitty with a snaggle tooth, featured recently here on Boing Boing, and it reminded me of one of my favorite internet dogs that also has some interesting toothy action going on. So, I thought y'all needed feast your eyes Gus Calhoun, a rat terrier with the cutest toofers I've ever seen (along with the most perfect name). They look so much look like goofy fake teeth, and yet, somehow, they make Gus Calhoun look dapper and adorable all at once. I cannot get enough of this extremely precious doggo!

Here's Gus Calhoun all dressed up like a "pawstry chef" making (but really eating) some cookies. And here he is taking a nap next to his doggie brother, Winston Brix. And here he is again, napping. Seems like Gus Calhoun and I have a lot in common. 

Gus Calhoun, who was born in 2011, is a Rat Terrier who lives in Portland, Oregon with his humans and his canine brother, Winston Brix, a West Coach Frenchton born in 2017. For more Gus Calhoun, here's his TikTok and Instagram.

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