Take a minute to relax with these pampered pooches

These videos of dogs getting pampered (previously at Boing Boing) during bathtime are so awesome, I can't stop watching them. They aren't technically ASMR videos, but they might as well be labeled as such because they include lots of relaxing sounds along with the adorable doggos. You can see and hear them being lathered up, rinsed off, slathered with coconut oil, and more. And the little jammies they don at the end of their spa treatments, while they're totally blissed out, are so cute, I almost can't stand it! I hope you enjoy them all!

All of these adorable critters live with the Goodlin Siblings, who live in the Pacific Northwest and have made it their life mission to rescue and foster kill-listed dogs. They currently own or foster sixteen absolutely lucky doggos, including:

Atlas the Doberman

Magnus the Belgian Malinois

Cosette the Husky

Bridget the Mastiff

To see more pampered pups, follow them on Instagram or TikTok.