Haley's plan to unite the United States: pardon Trump

In a move that seems destined to piss off over half the US electorate, Nikki Haley has pledged to pardon Trump if convicted.

Conditional supporter of women's rights Nikki Haley has said she'd pardon the Orange Menace if he is convicted of a Federal crime. He is currently charged with 91 criminal counts and is an adjudicated rapist, and remorseless financial fraud. It is unclear why or how Haley thinks this move would bring the American people together unless the together she speaks of is a civil war.

"If you're talking about pardoning Trump, it's not a matter of innocence or guilt at that point, because that means he would have already been found guilty," Haley said at the town hall, hosted by John Roberts. "I believe, in the best interest of bringing the country together, I would pardon Donald Trump. Because I think it's important for the country to move on."

"We've got to leave the negativity and the baggage behind," she added. "I don't want this country divided any further. I don't think it's in the best interests for America to have an 80-year-old president sitting in jail and having everybody upset about it. I think this would be the time that we would need to move forward and get this out of the way."

The Hill