CNN: Biden directs campaign "to highlight the crazy shit that Trump says in public"

CNN's MJ Lee calls out President Biden's new strategy for what it is: calling out the crazy shit Trump says!

This clip is just fantastic. The media loves to give Trump a pass on all his slurring, transposing, and garbling of words, names, and concepts, so President Biden is directing his campaign to step it up. Sure, the red-hatted adherents aren't going to let a man-child streaming weird "Sir Sir Sir" from the stage while simulating weird sex noises get in the way of their voting for a guy who enables their hatred of others, but the less brainwashed should hear it.

Joe Biden has reportedly told his campaign aides to hone in on former President Donald Trump's more extreme comments and statements, to highlight the differences between the two 2024 frontrunners.

Sources told CNN that Biden wanted Trump's "crazy s***" highlighted in an effort to show he is unfit to regain the White House, following months of Trump trying to disparage Biden in a similar way.

The president's reelection campaign aides have reportedly become increasingly concerned that voters view the Trump years through rose-tinted glasses, CNN said, and that they need to be reminded of the reality of the situation.