Donald Trump's daddy, Fred, is back from the grave to shame his "garbage" son in new ad (video)

Donald Trump's greatest fear has materialized: His daddy, Fred Trump, has come back from the grave to tell his "low-rent" son what a disappointing "joke" he turned out to be.

"Donny, I always knew you'd blow it. You were always a fool, a joke, low rent. I bailed you out so many times," says former Ku Klux Klan rally-goer Fred Trump, resurrected by the Lincoln Project (with some help from AI). "Your deals were all garbage. You couldn't even make money off a casino, you fuck up. I'm ashamed you have my name."

"You're boring, broke, and I told you not to get fat!" Papa Trump continues. "You pay porn stars, and you're weak down there. Your kids hate you, especially the girl. … I've been dead for 30 years, and I'm still ashamed of you." (See video below, posted by The Lincoln Project.)

The ad comes on the heels of Trump's civil fraud case — his latest legal defeat in which the former twice-impeached president was ordered to pay $354 million.

"Donald Trump's entire existence has been about trying to please his daddy," Lincoln Project strategist Tara Setmayer told MSNBC, via Raw Story. "And his father always knew he was a screwup."

"We're doing this to remind people that Donald Trump has screwed things up," she continued. "His father's business — he didn't build it, his father did. This is the same guy who bankrupted casinos, steaks, vodka, water, charities — I mean, the list is very long here, but yeah, people think he's a successful businessman? No, he's actually not."