Kari Lake on disparaging John McCain: "It was a joke"; Meghan McCain to Lake: "NO PEACE, BITCH!"

On the heels of Kari Lake being booed off the stage at a Republican event in Arizona, she appeared on local Phoenix-area radio show Outspoken with Bruce and Gaydos on Monday, February 19, to explain that when she said McCain Republicans weren't welcome in her vision of the Republican party, she was really just joking. Around the 11-minute mark in the video below, Lake states, "It was a joke" and explains, "It was said in jest. And I think If John McCain, who had a great sense of humor, would have heard it, he would have laughed."

Meghan McCain is accepting no apologies, however. She has taken to X/Twitter to make her viewpoint incredibly clear, mincing no words in her response to Lake: "NO PEACE, BITCH." She also tweeted, "Kari Lake is trying to walk back her continued attacks on my Dad (& family) and all of his loyal supporters after telling them to 'get the hell out.' Guess she realized she can't become a Senator without us. No peace, bitch. We see you for who you are – and are repulsed by it" and "I breathe fire for my family and never forgive those who have trashed any of us – particularly my Dad in death. Never."

In case anyone needs receipts, here's a video from 2022 where Kari Lake states, "We don't have any McCain Republicans in here, do we? Alright if you are, get the hell out!" and follows up with, "It was the party of McCain…it was bad. Boy, Arizona has delivered some losers, haven't they?"

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