Roseanne Barr with Kari Lake at Mar-a-Lago warns youth: Quit "devil-worshipping, baby blood-drinking" college! (video)

Partying at a Mar-a-Lago fundraiser for Kari Lake last night, a Q-infused Roseanne Barr tried to recruit young Americans into the MAGA cult with a dire message to college students: "Please drop out of college, because it's going to ruin your lives!"

The former celebrity turned hateful fearmonger, who was fired from ABC after a series of racist tweets, gushed over her grand evening last night dancing with Lake and Donald Trump, before warning young Americans about the horrors that lurk inside our academic institutions.

"You've gotta get out of college, because it isn't nothing but devil worshipping, baby blood-drinking, Democrat donors," she slurred, glass of wine in hand.

And once you drop out, Barr kindly invites you to email her, "and I'll help you with your life." This, coming from a person in the late stages of Q-indoctrination who says Satan is to blame for her downfall. Yikes. (See video below, posted by Patriot Takes.)