Mike Lindell's evidence fails to "shock the world" as promised: begs for donations

Mike Lindell, the MAGA movement's second-favorite crack addict, has a reputation for promises to reveal exclusive news that turns out to be as substantial as the filling in his pillows. Last week, the hoarse-voice fluff huckster promised to shock the world with something that was actually real for a change.

During an appearance on Steve Bannon's War Room podcast, Lindell boasted that he would be filing a lawsuit on behalf of fellow MAGA lunatic Kari Lake that would unveil "the most explosive evidence ever! … It's going to be the biggest thing ever, and we are going to save this country! … It's going to shock the world!"

Unsurprisingly, the new evidence provided turned out to be as hard as polyester fiberfill. After reading the 52-page appeal from Lindell and Kari Lake, Laurie Roberts of the Arizona Republic noted that Lindell's so-called "explosive" evidence lacked even "a slight zap." Roberts further commented that despite claims of new evidence, the appeal merely repeated familiar arguments about the possibility of tampering with voting machines, without providing concrete proof that such interference had occurred.

Following the underwhelming news that was supposed to "shock the world" but fell flat," Lindell has faced criticism for making empty promises. As usual, the CEO of MyPillow blamed the media for the lack of impact. Equally unsurprising are Lindell's desperate pleas for financial assistance, even though he himself admits that the chances of the Supreme Court taking up Lake's election lawsuit are slim. He referred to the effort as a "long shot" during his conversation with Bannon. As reported by David Edwards for Raw Story, Lindell has been fervently seeking donations to support what he describes as an "emergency injunction to expedite this case."

"We need your help!" Lindell implored, as he spoke about redirecting contributions to an "offense fund" with the aim of raising awareness about the Supreme Court case. "I'm gonna take funds. 100% of the money coming in is gonna go to help save our country."

Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer responded skeptically to Lindell's claims. "Same old crazy."