Trump says grieving dishwasher company asked him for help — "We're not allowed to use water"

At a Fox News "Town Hall," Donald Trump spun a colorful yarn to the network's resident mean girl, Laura Ingraham. The video starts mid-clip, but Trump seems to be complaining about appliances and fixtures designed to save water.

"They come out with faucets where no water comes out," he said. "You know, if you go and buy a home. And they know what I mean, the showers. You stand under a shower and there's no water coming, and you're saying… you end up standing there five times longer."

Fair enough. Those low water volume shower heads are annoying. But then Trump moves into QAnon territory, claiming there's a conspiracy to prevent people from having clean dishware. "But they want that. They want the dishwasher. All of that is part of the agenda."

To back up his dubious claim, he tells Ingraham about the time some dishwasher company representatives came to see him and ask for help. "So in Ohio, you have a great company that came to me, the dishwasher company, one of the biggest and finest companies, but they were going out of business. They said, 'we're not allowed to use water.'"

Complaining about not having enough water for the proper functioning of showers and appliances has been part of Trump's observational humor-adjacent shtick for years. Someone give this guy a bath!

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