Elden Ring's first expansion is officially revealed, and it looks amazing

It's hard to believe that it's already been a full year since Elden Ring's major expansion, Shadow of the Erdtree, was announced with little more than a title and a piece of key art. Now, however, all that waiting has paid off- Shadow of the Erdtree now has both a gameplay trailer and a June release date.

The demigod Miquella, who was previously only seen as a corpse in the base game, will summon players to an entirely new open-world area of the game, doubtlessly full of more of the kind of crushing challenge Elden Ring is renowned for. In a word, everything put on display here is stunning — including a split-second clip of a character fighting an armored knight using nothing but kickboxing. Could unarmed monk builds finally be viable?

$40 for an expansion does seem a bit steep, but if this is anything like FromSoft's previous DLC, it'll be more than worth it. The Old Hunters is still my favorite part of Bloodborne, to say nothing of the acclaimed Dark Souls expansions.