RayonBase's fusion of synth-pop, country, alternative, rock, and jazz blows my mind

I honestly can't make sense of singer/songwriter/musician RayonBase. Is he doing comedy? Is he serious? I feel like he's either doing the best performance art ever or he's the most earnest man on the planet. Whether serious or parody (and I have a very strong feeling he's being totally serious), I can't get enough of his art. Here's his bio on LinkPop:

Songwriter, musician, vocalist… Influences include Bach, Beethoven, Depeche Mode, New Order, 10,000 Maniacs and Roger Whittaker. Enjoy my music!

And on YouTube:

Welcome to the YouTube Official Artist Channel for RayonBase! If you enjoy synth-pop, country, alternative, rock, jazz and other new music, you've come to that kind of place. With over 35 singles and three albums, RayonBase is taking synth music into new territory… 

The song I'm currently obsessed with is called "Ever Closer." RayonBase explains:

I released "Ever Closer" one year ago, and it became my most popular song, so I thought I'd update the video with some new clips! This song is about intense love, undying devotion, and a little bit of salesmanship.

It's got some amazing lyrics:

Let me be the breeze in your sunny day

Let me be the sky for your clouds

Let me be the pool for your waterfall

Let me be the verb for your nouns

Let me be the shore for your crashing waves

Let me be the bricks in your wall

Let me be the soil where your garden grows

Let me be the one

Let me be the one 

Let me be the one you truly love

Over on Reddit, folks are blown away. Here are some of the comments about RayonBase's song "Shelter," over on the subreddit "Real. Crappy. Music.", all of which I completely resonate with:

"What a masterpiece."

"Just saw this guy. Music is off tempo, singing voice is a micron short of horrible but I cannot stop listening. Like Wesley Willis but wholesome."

"It's the combination of the clumsy, naive, child-like compositions, the odd lyrics, weird ass videos and of course, his voice. I literally find it all a bit overwhelming sometimes but similarly can't stop listening."

"In the end, when you shed your mortal coil, Rayon will be ushering you to the other side."

To hear more from Rayon Base, check out his websiteYouTube, or Instagram.