U.S. military tracking mysterious balloon floating over Colorado towards Georgia

One year after a Chinese spy balloon floated over the United States, the U.S. military is tracking a mysterious balloon flying over Colorado, headed towards Georgia, according to CBS News.

The silvery balloon, which is moving east over 40,000 feet in altitude and appears to be made of Mylar, doesn't seem to pose a threat, according to officials via CBS. But "its origin and purpose are still unknown." From CBS:

The U.S. is tracking a high-altitude balloon flying over the Western part of the country, U.S. officials told CBS News. …

Sources familiar with the matter who spoke on the condition of anonymity said the balloon was drifting east in the jetstream on Friday at an altitude of more than 40,000 feet. Its presence prompted enough concern that the military sent aircraft to investigate. …

The official said the balloon appeared to be made of Mylar and had a small cube-shaped box, about two feet long on each side, hanging below it.

The developments come one year after tensions between the U.S. and China ratcheted to new heights after a Chinese balloon carrying sophisticated spying equipment flew over the continental U.S. for several days. 

UPDATE: A video I had posted earlier wasn't confirmed to be the balloon spotted today, so I took it down. Once video becomes available I will post it here.