Trump files appeal of fraud judgment but fails to post bond

Financial fraudster Donald J. Trump has filed an appeal but failed to post the required $450 million bond. While the appeal will progress, Trump will owe more than $100k in interest daily until he posts his bond, and unless something magic occurs, in 30 days, the New York AG will begin seizing assets.

If the New York Attorney General starts seizing assets and selling off Trump's properties, and magically, the property's value is less than Trump claimed and he ends up underwater, will the banks still love those loans?

Engoron found that Trump, his company and top executives, including his sons Eric and Donald Trump Jr., schemed for years to deceive banks and insurers by inflating his wealth on financial statements used to secure loans and make deals. Among other penalties, the judge put strict limitations on the ability of Trump's company, the Trump Organization, to do business.

The appeal ensures that the legal fight over Trump's business practices will persist into the thick of the presidential primary season, and likely beyond, as he tries to clinch the Republican presidential nomination in his quest to retake the White House.

If upheld, Engoron's ruling will force Trump to give up a sizable chunk of his fortune. Engoron ordered Trump to pay $355 million in penalties, but with interest the total has grown to nearly $454 million. That total will increase by nearly $112,000 per day until he pays.


The clock is ticking for adjudicated rapist and Republican false prophet of false profits Donald J. Trump. His inability to find anyone to finance his legal penalties is costing him a lot of money he does not have, and his donors are no longer ponying up. The Orange Menace's ability to use his campaigns and the Republican party as a piggy bank is going to be put to the test as his entire crime family is angling to get the GOP to throw what little cash is left at his legal woes. There is a bit of posturing that they will resist him, but in the end, the face-eating leopard has to eat faces.