Hate Revisited: the return of a '90s cult classic comic book

My favorite comic books of the 1980s and 1990s were Weirdo, Yummy Fur, Peep Show, Acme Novelty Library, Palookaville, American Splendor, Optic Nerve, Lloyd Llewellyn, Flaming Carrot, Raw, Neat Stuff, Eightball, Love & Rockets, and Hate. The only ones that are still around are Palookaville and Love & Rockets, which I'm thankful for, but I miss the other titles.

Yesterday, however, I found out that Peter Bagge is going to revive Hate, with a special four-issue series for Fantagraphics called Hate Revisited. It's scheduled for release starting in June 2024, with a new issue coming out every month. Yippee!

From the release:

One of Fantagraphics' flagship comic series, HATE put Peter Bagge on the map in the early '90s. Tens of thousands of readers followed along as Bagge chronicled the everyday travails of disaffected Gen X slacker Buddy Bradley, and the motley crew of losers, schemers, and romantic partners in his orbit. Primarily set in grunge-era Seattle, HATE captured the zeitgeist of the '90s alternative subculture, characterized by its cynicism, irreverent humor, and critique of mainstream society. Bagge's kinetic rubber-limbed art style, sharp dialogue, and incisive satire made HATE a seminal alternative comic that influenced a generation of cartoonists. Offering a raw and humorous look at the struggles and absurdities of young adulthood in a rapidly changing world, the saga of HATE remains as vital today as when it was first created.

"While it was suggested to me that I revisit the old HATE cast, once I got started on it I was more than happy with the results," explains cartoonist Peter Bagge. "This stuff writes itself! I'm also glad I decided to split it between the present day as well as flashbacks to the '80s and '90s. This was especially true with Stinky. I forgot what a loose cannon that character was!"

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