Helldivers 2 is a lot of fun

Helldivers 2 is a fantastic tribute to Starship Troopers and a very fun game!

I have been having a ball playing Helldivers 2. The game is a total knock-off of the cult-favorite B-movie Starship Troopers. Using the now sadly too relevant "embrace fascism as the way to preserve freedom" trope from the film, in a "friendly fire is the way of life" universe to great effect, you will spread managed democracy with an assault rifle!

Squads take on mission-based objectives to free the Galaxy of anything that stands in the way of humanity! The user base has been incredibly NOT toxic and helpful! I have been playing for about a week, and while it does crash a bit more than Fortnite and has some connection errors — I've had a relatively error-free good time. The UI, controls, and gameplay are quick to learn, but as your Helldiver progresses, new weapons, support devices, and toys keep things evolving.

Game is available on Steam.