Epic Rap Battles of History makes triumphant return with Godzilla vs. King Kong

Epic Rap Battles of History is one of those YouTube institutions that feels like it's been around since time immemorial- and often features production values that seem entirely out of place on the amateur platform. While there are often months or even years between their uploads, the sheer amount of polish on each one is worth the wait.

For example: the brand-new Godzilla vs. King Kong. While these two monster movie icons have frequently clashed on the screen, Epic Rap Battles masterminds Lloyd and Peter have carved out an as-yet unforeseen venue for them: rap.

Unlike with a few of their previous battles, this one is hard to call. Both of them have a full arsenal of deep cuts, zingers, and immensely cleverly-constructed lines- so if you're a fan of either franchise, it's worth a watch. It's a shame they don't make mics kaiju-sized.