Trump's mental decline is on display as he declares a case that is not over, "OVER!"

Donald Trump's star witness failed to shine in testimony intended to disqualify Fulton County, Georgia, District Attorney Fani Willis, but that didn't stop the bumbling adjudicated rapist from declaring victory.

I listened to some of Terrence Bradley's, the former law partner of Fulton County special prosecutor Nathan Wade, testimony yesterday, and it was a circus. The lawyers questioning Bradley could not get him to say what they wanted, could not expand his approval of how he was mentioned in a legal filing to imply his approval of the entire document, and kept going back and re-asking a question he expected or just wanted a different answer. Every analyst seems to agree the testimony did not help disqualify DA Willis, except the very inexpert Trump.

"The fact that [Fulton County District Attorney] Fani Willis and 'Lover' Wade unquestionably started their relationship BEFORE the beginning of their FAKE case that was brought against me and many others, would unequivocally mean, according to virtually all legal experts and scholars, THAT THIS CASE IS OVER!" Trump posted on Truth Social.

Terrence Bradley, the former law partner of Fulton County special prosecutor Nathan Wade, was called back to the stand Tuesday and insisted that he did not know when Wade began a relationship with district attorney Fani Willis, and he testified that he had only been speculating when he told a Trump co-defendant's attorney last month the pair had been dating since 2019.


All the testimony has done is remind me of how messy life is. This is not a very good sitcom or drama, but its a slice of what life is like. People are paying for vacations and not having the same definition of "boyfriend."