Tyler Boebert's sex offender father blames Covid lockdown for son's wayward behavior

MAGA Rep. Lauren Boebert's son, Tyler Boebert, was arrested this week on 22 charges for his role in an alleged vehicle break-in crime spree in Colorado. He is the child of parents who both have arrest records. His father, Jayson, is a convicted sex offender who exposed his penis to underage girls in a bowling alley. Jayson has also been charged with being violent with Tyler, who accused his father of sticking his thumb in Tyler's mouth in an attempt to pull out his tooth.

After Tyler's arrest, Jayson issued a bizarre laundry list of blame-shifting grievances, employing various strategies to direct attention away from his family's actions and toward external pressures, societal challenges, and media distortion for his son's lapse:

Being a father in today's challenging world can be a heavy task. With the constant bombardment of information and influences from all angles, it's easy to feel overwhelmed and uncertain about the best way to guide your children. The challenges we have experienced, especially in the last few years, with schools being shut down, social shut downs, and the depression that was set in from a mismanaged COVID SHUT DOWN. Despite our best efforts, we will fall short sometimes. As a parent balancing work, family, and personal life while striving to be a good role model for your kids can be incredibly demanding. Moreover, the spotlight of today's media can magnify and distort even the smallest aspects of your life. It's disheartening to see your actions or words misrepresented and sensationalized, painting a false picture for the public. These distortions do not only create tension within your family, but also affect your reputation and relationships outside of the home. As a father navigating this complex landscape, it is crucial to stay true to your values, communicate openly with your loved ones, and remember that perfection is unattainable. Striving for honest and genuine connections with your children and keeping them on the right path, despite the challenges and external pressures, is what truly matters in the end.

So there you have it — an approach of evasion that's guaranteed to perpetuate a cycle of non-accountability for Tyler to emulate.

[Via Westword]