Boebert reacts to son's arrest for robbing a woman with a brain tumor by accusing Biden family of being criminals

After the news broke that Colorado MAGA representative Lauren Boebert's son had been arrested on 22 criminal charges, Boebert's first action was to go on Xitter and make a statement. She wrote, She wrote, "The Biden Crime Family will go down as the most corrupt political family in American history."

Meanwhile, Denver's Westword reported that Tyler Boebert's alleged crime spree included robbing a woman with a brain tumor of her last $75. The paper also noted that Tyler inherited his intelligence from his mother — he wore a hoodie with the name of his mother's restaurant while on the alleged crime spree.

And like his mother, Tyler has a history of criminally negligent driving and failing to take responsibility for it.

From Westword:

Tyler's February 27 arrest marks the second time in two years that he has found himself on the wrong side of the law.

In 2022, charges were filed against him for a car crash that left one of his friends hospitalized. For that incident, Tyler was hit with a misdemeanor traffic charge of "careless driving causing bodily harm," and his pal was charged with unlawful possession of a Schedule IV controlled substance after cops found unprescribed Xanax pills in a bag of his. Tyler's charge was later dropped down to a "defective vehicle for headlights" ticket.

Tyler was due to appear in court in September 2022 for the car crash, but he was a no-show. He got hit with a bench warrant as a result, but was later allowed to appear virtually in Garfield County Court instead of in person.