Fox's Jesse Watters hides guest's violent past: the grilled cheese incident exposed

Kat Abu on TikTok and Media Matters have revealed that a Fox News guest, identified as James Lee, has a contentious past that was not disclosed on air. James Lee, whose full name is James Lee DePaola, appeared on Jesse Watters' show to discuss crime, but Watters failed to mention DePaola's prior violent behavior over trivial matters, such as a dispute over a grilled cheese sandwich.

According to Media Matters, "On February 28, Fox News host Jesse Watters hosted 'James Lee' on his show to discuss the murder of nursing student Laken Riley. Watters did not disclose, however, that Lee is actually James DePaola," who had a significant history with the law, including an incident where he threatened his wife over the composition of a sandwich.

From Kat Abu's video:

For some reason, Jesse Waters didn't disclose that James Lee's full name is actually James Lee DePaola, who in 2016 made headlines for abusing his wife over a grilled cheese sandwich. Yeah, it was too cheesy. She used three slices of cheese instead of two. So his response was to threaten to hit her and then tear the landline out of the wall when she tried to call the cops. His 12-year-old daughter had to dial 911 on her cell phone.

DePaola's past includes arrests for traffic violations and a notorious event where he threatened his wife with violence for using an extra slice of cheese in a grilled cheese sandwich. This incident led his 12-year-old daughter to call the police. Media Matters elaborates, "DePaola was charged with obstruction of a 911 call and criminal trespass/damage to property over what the police now refer to as 'the grilled cheese incident.'"


Police say James DePaola, 55, was arrested last Wednesday after "shouting and cursing" at his wife because she used three slices of cheese to make the sandwich instead of two.

"He came into the kitchen and got in her face, shouting in such an animated and close up fashion that spit was hitting (the wife's) face," an Athens-Clarke County Police report reads.

The wife told police that DePaola, who lives on Candy Circe in Athens, has a history of domestic violence that has led to him being arrested and having a restraining order taken out against him in New Jersey.

The omission of DePaola's full name and background is standard behavior for Fox News in general and Jesse Watters in particular, who is wincingly pathetic in his attempt to fill the former bloviator Tucker Carlson's velvet slippers.

As Media Matters concludes, "While this may be Jesse Watters' ideal guest, we cannot recommend that news outlets take public policy advice from someone violently triggered by an unexpected slice of cheese."

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