Gruesome: Teen girl spots severed arm on walk to school in NY — leading police to severed head

[Gruesome story alert! Skip this post if you're squeamish.]

A walk to school turned ghastly yesterday when a teenage girl spotted a severed body part in a Long Island park.

The student was walking with her friends when she discovered a man's left arm. She immediately called her father, who called 911. Police later found a man's right arm, about 20 feet away from the girl's gruesome discovery.

Police also found other body parts, including a severed head, scattered around the park that seemed to belong to two victims, a man and a woman.

From The Daily Beast:

Police searched Southards Pond Park, finding a severed head and leg among the remains of a man and a woman. The man's remains were found on the eastern end of the park, while the woman's remains were found on the west side.

A cadaver dog helped police locate the female victim's head, arm, and leg among a mound of leaves in the west end of the park. On the east side, the dog found a right arm "approximately 20 feet away from the original discovery of the left arm," both of which were tattooed and belonged to the male victim.

Detectives believe the bodies were dumped recently, possibly "hours or just a day or so" before their discovery, a spokesperson for the police department told The Daily Beast.

Authorities are treating the gruesome find as a homicide.

And from ABC News:

A right arm was also later found on the eastern side of the park, about 20 feet away from where the girl had stumbled across the left arm, according to police. Both arms, which had tattoos on them, belonged to a man, police said.

On the western side of the park, a woman's leg was then found by a cadaver dog in a mound of leaves while homicide detectives investigated the scene.

On Friday morning, police found an arm and a head belonging to a female victim on the western side of the park as well.

Police believe the respective body parts all belong to just two individuals — a man and a woman.

An investigation into the deaths is ongoing and anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-220-TIPS.

This isn't our first grisly post: last year a man found three severed heads sitting on his desk.