A showcase of Trump's gaffes in North Carolina today

"Venezwheregullah!" flubbed Donald Trump as he performed another rambling stream-of-consciousness routine he calls a campaign speech in Greensboro, NC., today.

Some of this is just Trump repeating buzz words and phrase he knows the MAGA cult loves. Some of it is literally a stressed-out old man losing his shit because his bad behavior has lost him all his money. The rhythm and cadence The Orange Menace uses in these things reminds me a lot of a junior highschool classmate making up a verbal presentation on the fly. https://twitter.com/RonFilipkowski/status/1764031591397904746

"Migrant Cime" is also of concern to the adjudicated rapist and Republican frontrunner, Trump.

Throughout his speech, Trump aimed to solidify his stance on key issues such as border security, inflation, and critical race theory. However, it was his linguistic errors that stole the spotlight. Notably, Trump mispronounced 'migrant crime' as "migrant cime," and later stumbled over the word 'Venezuela,' an error that quickly went viral. These moments, coupled with his claim that migrants crossing the US southern border "don't speak languages," have led some to question his cognitive abilities.