22-year-old Pentagon leaker and Marjorie Taylor Greene hero accepts 16-year prison sentence

Jack Teixeira, the 22-year-old who leaked hundreds of classified Pentagon documents on Discord, accepted a prison sentence of 16 years in a plea deal today after pleading guilty to six charges.

This comes after the former Massachusetts Air National Guardsman — who hoped in 2022 that "ISIS goes through with their attack plan and creates a massacre at the World Cup" — pleaded not guilty last June and faced a 30-year prison sentence.

And yes, it's the same "white, male, Christian" who a bedazzled Marjorie Taylor Greene fiercely defended, saying last April that it was the "Biden regime" — and not the punk who said, "If I had my way, I'd kill a fuck ton of people" — who was the real enemy.

From The Daily Beast:

Teixeira used his high-level security clearance as a cyber transport systems specialist to access classified information well beyond what was needed for his job, which he then posted online.

As early as February 2022, he leaked sensitive intelligence on the social media platform Discord about North Korea, Israel, and Russia's ongoing war in Ukraine.

Some leaked material featured assessments of military actions, troop movements, and details of arms shipments—putting fellow soldiers' lives at risk in addition to jeopardizing strategic planning.

And from ABC News:

Teixeira entered court in handcuffs and an orange jumpsuit with the initials PCCF on the back, for Plymouth County Correctional Facility, and appeared to smile at his father, who was seated in the second row. …

Federal prosecutors made clear Teixeira had no business peering at classified information because his low-level job did not require it. …

Still, Casey said, Teixeira accessed "hundreds" of classified documents inside the secure facility where he worked and "purposefully removed classified documents and information despite admonishments from his superiors to stop."

Teixeira posted the material on Discord using the moniker "theexcalibereffect" and "took steps to conceal his unlawful activity," Casey said.

Teixeira's sentencing is to take place on Sept. 27.