Man has eaten 34,128 Big Macs, extending own record

Don Gorske, 70, has eaten 34,128 Big Macs in a life all the more remarkable for reaching its eight decade. Yes, it's one of Guinness's made-up records, complete with ® symbol branding and all the rest of it (my favorite is "world's largest cake in the Jeddah mall"), but all the same, that is a lot of Big Macs.

The biggest lesson that Donald has learned throughout his pursuit has been to keep spare Big Macs in the freezer because he can't depend on McDonalds being open in a blizzard."The advice I'd give someone who would like to challenge my record title is 'don't'. I'll be dead before you could even challenge it. I'm blessed with a high metabolism and good health which allow me to eat Big Macs without gaining a lot of weight. I might be the only person alive who could eat Big Macs every day without ill effects."Donald has tried other burgers but in his opinion nothing matches the mighty Big Mac. "I had one Burger King Whopper in 1984 and one Topper double burger in 1984. There are a lot of other burger chains that I have never had the desire to try."

Gorske hit 30k two years ago.

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