Delta passenger stuck in plane bathroom for 35 minutes — until pilot kicks the crap out it (video)

A Delta Air Lines passenger on a flight from Salt Lake City to New Orleans raised a stink when he found himself stuck inside the plane's small bathroom for 35 minutes.

The ordeal began, according to Yahoo! News, after the man left his wife and two young children behind for a potty break, and didn't return to his seat. While the wife began to wonder what the fudge her husband was doing back there, she caught wind of the situation when a flight crew member announced that somebody was blocked inside the lavatory. "The door is jammed, and someone is stuck in there," a flight attendant said.

And for nearly half an hour, flight attendants and even a recruited passenger were "yanking the bathroom door handle" but to no avail. Until the pilot stepped in, leaving his business in the cockpit to take on the duty of pushing and kicking the door — which he did, good and hard for several moments — before the stubborn thing finally cracked open. And what a relief that must have been! (See video below, posted by WKYC.)

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