Yes, Donald Trump had dinner with a Nazi

When reminded that Donald Trump had dinner with a Nazi, Fox News' Tammy Bruce tried to holler the assertion away.

Tammy Bruce tries to turn panelist Jonathan Kott's comment, referencing a famed dinner where Kanye West brought white nationalist and Nazi fanboi Nick Fuentes to dinner with The Orange Menace, into a general remark that all Republicans are Nazis. It is amazing how fast Bruce goes to this defense, but the entire panel wants to forget history and pretend these are not the types of people Trump loves. Fuentes is unapologetic about his embrace of Nazism and neo-Nazis.

"And I will say this," he continued. "I would rather have a President who maybe has a stutter once in a while than one who spews conspiracy theory, racist nonsense, and has dinner with Nazis."

"So if given the choice between one or the other, I'm happy that Joe Biden might misspeak once in a while when he's trying to name a president of a foreign country," he said.

"Well, nobody has ever picked on him for his speech impediment, Harris Faulkner falsely said. "I mean, I have relatives who stutter. That's not the issue. It's the acuity issue."

Tammy Bruce got very defensive.

"Well, we just heard him call a number of Republicans, Nazis, and racists," Bruce said. "So I think we can put him in the category of willing to go there."

"I didn't call Republicans," Kott said. "Hold on. I didn't call Republicans Nazis. He had dinner with a Nazi."

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