Elise Stefanik yearns for the good ol' days of Trump mismanaging a pandemic

Auditioning to be the adjudicated rapist's Vice-President, New York's Elise Stefanik once again stuck her cloven hoof in her mouth.

Somehow, ignoring that 4 years ago, the United States was fearfully facing a woefully mismanaged pandemic that took the lives of over 1 million Americans, Elise Stefanik told a press conference things were a lot better for us then. Trump and Stefanik are ghouls.

"As Ronald Reagan famously asked us, 'Are you better off today than you were four years ago?" Stefanik asked. "The answer for hard-working Americans across the country is a resounding no."

Stefanik once again threw her support behind the Republican candidate who was four years ago the nation's commander-in-chief, arguing President Joe Biden had led the U.S. into a state of crisis.

Specifically, Stefanik bemoaned a southern border situation that has led to a "tragic loss of life of American citizens."

The hole in Stefanik's argument is that, while some "hard-working Americans" may very well have been better off four years ago, there are more than a million people who cannot make the comparison because they were killed in a global pandemic.