Florida man games prove there's nothing more Florida than Florida

I get the joke and can appreciate people poking fun at themselves — I swear I can! And I'm sure a good time was had by all. But I can't help but find this oh so fucking depressing.

From the AP: "Promoted as 'the most insane athletic showdown on Earth,' the Florida Man Games poke fun at the state's reputation for bizarre stories that involve brawling, drinking, gunfire, reptile wrangling and other antics carrying a risk of time in jail or intensive care."

It's like your school giving awards for the lowest grades of the year. It's like taking a victory lap because you've read the fewest number of books. It's like taking the Ig Nobel Prizes seriously. It's like celebrating the dumbshits of the world at their absolute dumbshittiest.

To wit:

"Other events involved contenders wrestling sumo-style while holding pitchers of beer, or running from actual sheriff's deputies while jumping fences and avoiding obstacles. Others faced a scramble to grab cash flying in simulated hurricane winds," reports AP.

Breathe. Breathe. Must maintain sense of humor….

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