Katie Britt's infomercial of fear

From a scary kitchen, Republican Senator Katie Britt of Alabama gave a scary speech that confused more than scared people.

After apparently spending far too much time with Speaker Mike Johnson's face coach, Senator Katie Britt gave the worst rebuttal to a State of the Union I can recall seeing. Usually, these speeches are uneventful and forgettable, but not this time. Britt managed to miss not just every sentence but every beat. Adopting a very strange cadence, likely to add even more ominousness and gravity to her string of things intended to scare people, Britt failed.

Only Donald Trump had something positive to say about Britt; even his cultists revolted:

Supporters of the former president who responded to his post, could not have disagreed more with one writing, "Totally disagree. Didn't need a bedtime story. We should have called out the lyes (sic), explained the bs bills, and hit hard that the border could have been closed by an executive order. Republican rebuttal sucked."

"It was actually pretty embarrassing. Her speech was okay. But her delivery was terrible," another added.

Truth Social commenter Maddy Fox fired back at Trump, writing, "I thought she was horrible. The affect was terrible. She sounded phony and insincere. Didn't know whether she was laughing or crying about inflation , the border. It was a ridiculous response The Republicans will never learn."