The $3,000 Cybertruck tent looks like cheap junk compared to the official photos

When Tesla introduced the Cybertruck, it posted a photo of an add-on tent so owners could sleep in the back of the vehicle. The price tag for the tent, named "Basecamp," was a steep $3,000, but for people who think the Cybertruck is cool, it's probably not an outrageous amount.

Now that the tent is available and people are starting to buy and install it, it's clear they've been swindled. Just take a look at what the tent actually looks like in the photographs on Electrek. It's a dismal, flimsy, floppy, saggy mess.

A commenter on Electrek summed it up as follows:

This thing looks like something I could make for 10% the cost at $300 and use $20 Walmart tarps cut and stitched. I'd say I'd be pretty honked off if I had a CT and ordered this, but the people that can afford all that probably wouldn't miss a wasted $3k as most of us would

They really should have delayed delivery until they could produce something sleek and appearing as the result of high quality professional design. Maybe they just realized this is all they could do for $3k and still maintain a 90% profit margin…

You could probably buy a very nice tent for $3000, if you are willing to sleep next to your cyber truck rather than inside it.

Here's a video of the tent. The narrator seems excited about it. Judge for yourself: