Please Lord let "3 Body Problem" be good

I rarely look forward to a heavily promoted genre TV show anymore, mostly because they frequently don't live up to the hype. (I'm looking at you, Foundation, Invasion and Rings of Power.) It's usually the shows like The Expanse or Battlestar that sneak up outta nowhere and grab you. 

But I really really really want 3 Body Problem to be great. Why? A: the source material is fantastic — it's original and difficult and treads ground I personally had not walked before. B: I need a new show now that I've finished the amazing German offering Babylon Berlin. And C: the trailer looks epic. But I've been fooled before. Damn these studio marketing wizards! 

Here's the final trailer before the show drops March 21st on Netflix.

I hate being Charlie Brown trying to kick the football — seems I never learn my lesson – but fingers crossed this one will not disappoint.